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Fast delivery

Fast delivery

Amazing mobile app

Amazing mobile app

Wide coverage map

Wide coverage map

Trained couriers

Trained couriers

STAT Courier Service

  • Our couriers are trained per our customer requirements to handle all types of emergency deliveries.
  • This delivery option requires orders to be completed “AS FAST AS POSSIBLE”.
  • A flexible option for orders to fit a more conventional delivery timeline.
  • From lab to the customer you can expect delivery within 120 minutes or less!

Pharmacy to Patient Delivery

  • We curate to your needs, whether it’s a regular prescription to specialty custom orders we strive for optimal quality, service, and convenience.
  • Small or large we provide a peace of mind ensuring the pharmaceutical products reach all your facilities and valued customers.
  • We have experience in all types of pharmaceutical deliveries such as hospices, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities as well as private homes.

Route/Scheduled Deliveries & Supply Chain Updates

  • On-time pickups of specimens or lab work to and from your associated doctors and pharmacists.
  • Real-time updates of your pharmaceutical products and medical equipment will always be supported for the best service possible.
  • Just arriving at the warehouse? On route to its designated medical facility or valued customer? With just a few clicks its progress is available for viewing.

Training Program

  • To meet our high standards and customer requirements, we offer a comprehensive medical courier training program.
  • Training in areas such as HIPAA and Bloodborne Pathogens. Couriers also carry OSHA and DOT compliant equipment to ensure delivery integrity.

Blood Bank courier services

  • We perform thousands of emergency blood deliveries throughout the course of the year.
  • Our Blood Bank couriers know the sensitivity in the medical sample handling of blood as well as the health privacy laws that come with it.
  • They are caring and understand that your patients are depending on them to get the job done in a safe and timely manner.

Medical equipment Transportation

  • Hospitals and health facilities that need medical supplies brought directly to them rely on medical equipment delivery.
  • To operate at their highest levels of care and quality of life, they depend on timely delivery of medical equipment.

Administrative Documents & Mail delivery

  • Sensitive/Important paper documentation will always be handled with your choice of Interoffice communication or off-site delivery.
  • Mailing is also an aspect any and all businesses must process. To make it easier we are able to provide delivery to and from your post office as well as between campus facilities.

Financial Services

  • Delivery of deposits or any type of paperwork to your bank or financial institution that is associated with you can be sent for your convenience.

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